Thursday, 28 February 2013


Portraits from the life-drawing class today.
I tried to work more with shading than what I've done before.
The second drawing is a bit odd and the proportions are off, I did not have enough time to finish the rendering either.
I'm having problems with drawing faces from the anterior view but I'm getting better at it.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wood-Burning Stove

This is a <300 poly model made in 3ds Max of a wood-burning stove.
The model was for training with normal, specular and diffuse maps using Photoshop and CrazyBump.

I'm happy with how the normal, specular and diffuse maps turned out, I've not worked with normal maps before but it wasn't that difficult once you got the hang of how it actually works.

I had trouble with adding detail to the model and I feel like I should have made something more suitable for the task and not something this simple.

Phantom Lancer

A picture I made in photoshop depicting a hero from Dota II (
I'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out and I focused mostly on shading. I used a "new" way with a solid-colour layer and an overlay layer with 10% opacity brush.

I could have added more details like scratches on the armour and the skin of the character.