Sunday, 5 October 2014


This is a creature I've done for a project and yes, its supposed to look like its wet. The concept was a crustacean with colour inspired by normal maps (which are blueish for the most part). The textures are 512x512 and the model is 1874 tris.
This is the maps I used for the model, Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Gloss(not in the image above).

This is the highpoly model made in Zbrush 4R6

These are a few quick concepts I made for the Nurmal. As I said earlier the theme of the creature was normal maps and the normals are a bit "buggy" sometimes so I made a few insect and crustacean concepts. The ant is there because I had to fill in one more box to make it uniform.
I iterated on the three concepts in the middle and made two new concepts for those three.

 After having a discussion on what creature they liked the most I made 6 concepts and coloured them for the crustacean concept I had made earlier. The way I drew these were to make a general body shape line (like the 90 degree "S" shape at the bottom left) and then fill that in with the body of the creature.

 This is the first round of voting in which I asker the members of the team to pick two versions they liked.

This is the second round of voting and this time people could only pick one each.
The top right one was the victor and that is the one I made.

Thanks for reading :D

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